Quote Top 10 Desperate Housewives

Vrije tijd door Redactie Ze.nl

Carlos: when we got married I thought we were gonna be so happy.
Gabrielle: Look on the bright side - at least we're still rich.

Lynette (over haar kids):
Why don't I just put them back in me and cook 'em until they're civilized?

Gabrielle (die Bree advies geeft over haar man Rex):
Oh, for God's sake, Bree. You're a woman. Manipulate him. That's what we do.

Lynette (tegen haar zoon Porter): Do you know what psychological warfare is?
Porter: No
Lynette: Too bad for you.

Mike Delfino (tegen Susan):
I've always wondered why you act the way you act sometimes.
Now that I've met your mother, I know why.

Rex: I can?t believe you tried to kill me.
Bree: Yes, well, I feel badly about that.

Edie (tegen Susan):
Wow, get a load of you. You look so pretty. I hardly recognize you.

Bree (wanneer Rex bekent dat hij van SM houdt):
What the hell did your mother do to you?

Bree (wanneer ze haar zoon Andrew betrapt in een stripclub):
Andrew, I'm curious. When you fantasize about this woman, do you ever stop
to think how she came to be on this runway? That's someone's little girl. And
that someone probably had a lot of dreams for her. Dreams that did not include
a thong... and a pole...

John (tuinman): What other option do you have?
Except return the shoes and get your money back.
Gabrielle: Return the shoes? I can't talk to you when you're hysterical.